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    Much more efficiency through optimization of the ATS

    Bouwpartners, a leading staffing agency in the construction industry, approached HRlinkIT to optimize their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Carerix, to significantly improve efficiency.

    The challenge
    The challenge

    Bouwpartners wanted to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process, without drastic changes. HRlinkIT devised a 4-step plan to achieve maximum efficiency with as few resources as possible.

    4 steps
    4 steps
    1. Configuring ATS
      As a first step, HRlinkIT focused on optimizing the configuration of the ATS. As a result, inefficiencies were minimized and Bouwpartners has an optimized platform that fully fits their specific way of working.
    2. Proposing candidates faster
      In addition, HRlinkIT added functionality for rapid registration of profiles that could be spontaneously proposed to clients. This enables Bouwpartners to quickly and effectively identify interesting profiles and respond better to the dynamics of the labor market.

    3. Priorities and action panel
      With the implementation of a priorities and action panel, each client is assigned a priority label. In the panel, the recruiter automatically sees how many more times he needs to contact and visit his client this year, depending on the priority score.
    4. Integration with KVK
      Finally, the KVK integration ensured that organizational data was always up-to-date, allowing Bouwpartners to rely on accurate and current information in the ATS.


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    Time to get started.
    Time to get started.

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