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    Recruitment software and custom-built tools

    We select, design, implement and integrate recruitment solutions. If it doesn’t exist yet, we’ll build it. From Applicant Tracking and CRM systems to a complete digital transformation of your recruitment process.


    We ensure that our smart solutions are seamlessly tailored to your recruitment process and workflow and that all the tools are aligned with each other.

    Software selection

    Technology always starts from a vision. That is why we start by assessing which tools really match your organisation, budget and objectives. Then we determine which functionality you need. Based on this, we objectively select the tools and platforms that are a perfect match for your organisation.


    We implement complete Applicant Tracking, Vendor Management and CRM systems. Platforms with Search & Match functionality, apps, chatbots, mail integrations and so much more. We test everything – several times – and thoroughly. And we tweak it until it is seamlessly integrated in your recruitment process and workflow.

    Solution Design

    We map out the structure of our smart solution and describe how the various tools will work together. The roadmap offers a detailed overview of the different phases in which we will implement the various components. Ensuring you and we have a clear overview at all times. Handy, no?

    Links and integrations

    Every technological component has its possibilities but the main thing is to ensure that they all work when combined. We create the right links, ensuring that all the different tools and platforms work optimally. 

    Customer stories

    Time to get started.
    Time to get started.

    Time to make optimal use of the possibilities of technology. If you provide coffee, we will take care of the rest!

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