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    Training and support

    Today’s digital world is evolving at a rapid pace. That is why we help you stay digital first, with training and inspiration sessions. We train your employees so that can easily work with the software and solutions and offer support after handover to answer any questions you may have.


    We regularly visit you to assess your recruitment technology and your recruitment and selection processes. We also look at the bigger picture. Which labour market trends and technological innovations are relevant for you? How is your organisation doing today? And how can you continue to innovate in the future? We make sure that the technology continues to evolve within your company so that you can continue to grow.


    The implementation of new recruitment software and tools often requires a mind shift. That is why we always organise training sessions during which we explain the benefits and show how you can use the software and tools. Ensuring that everyone works in the same, consistent way and understands why this new way of working was implemented.

    Growth advice

    After successful digitalisation, it is vital that you continue to evolve and maintain your lead. We meet regularly to discuss relevant HR trends and technological innovations, to check what can be optimised and see how your company can continue to innovate.


    After handover, our Customer Success Team is on hand to provide further support. An optional service, answering all your questions about the recruitment software and the tools. We also implement regular updates and deal with potential problems to ensure you lose as little time as possible.

    Customer stories

     Use all the opportunities of technology?
    Use all the opportunities of technology?

    Are you full of ideas, but in doubt about the approach? Or are you running into a technology dilemma? Contact us to brainstorm and spar with a recruitment tech specialist.

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