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    Our approach


    Transformation and innovation: a continuous process.

    At HRlinkIT we believe in an integrated approach, from the idea to the implementation, which also includes the next steps. Everything we develop and implement is based on a well-thought-out optimisation strategy. And is connected with each other. But even after handover, we continue to take a critical look at our solution and suggest innovations so that your organisation can continue to evolve. 

    Analyze & devise

    We always start with a thorough analysis. Then we draw out smart strategies and technologies that will grow your business.


    Design & build

    We select, design, implement and integrate recruitment solutions. ATS, automated matching tool, etc. If it doesn’t exist yet, we’ll build it.

    Optimize & support

    After handover we offer support so that you do not remain with questions. We help you grow through training and inspiration sessions.


    We believe that the right technology can improve the recruitment process.

    That’s why we monitor the labour market and technological trends to find the right technological match for you. But also to continue to inspire you, because we also build disruptive platforms from scratch. We have one goal only: to develop future-proof recruitment technology that makes the difference for you.


    We start from your company’s challenges, rather than from the software.

    We start by analysing the problem that you submit to us and go in search of all possible solutions. We then check which HR recruitment software or innovative solutions offer an answer to this. Our aim is to ensure you don’t make unnecessary investments. We critically think about your growth objectives with you and how best to achieve them.


    We only build solutions that we believe in ourselves.

    Every time someone contacts us we always ask ourselves the following question: what is the best solution in the long term, both technologically and strategically? Are we convinced that we can achieve the desired result? Then, and only then, do we take on the project. Because your project is our project, which is why it’s so important to us.


    We don’t work with specific suppliers and tend to take a critical approach to trends.

    As such, you are always ensured of a solution that is in line with your organisation, your budget and your objectives. We purposefully select future-proof tools that have already proven their merit. We have worked with over 40 different solutions in just one year. So don’t be afraid to challenge us.


    We are well aware of the challenges in HR and in recruitment technology.

    We are well aware of the challenges that recruitment professionals face and have an insight in the evolutions on the labour market. As a result, we can make the right connections, ensuring that our strategic and technological advice is always on point. That is why our solutions are innovative, offering an answer to the challenges and needs of recruitment professionals and anyone who is involved in the recruitment process. 

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    Time to get started.
    Time to get started.

    Are you full of ideas, but in doubt about the approach? Or are you running into a technology dilemma? Contact us to brainstorm and spar with a recruitment tech specialist.

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