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    From blueprint to solution

    Vacancy requests, emails and phone calls that arrive in an unstructured way: it was a daily problem for IPG HR. The largest call center in Belgium with about 1,500 new vacancies every year, sought structure in communication with its various hiring managers. HRlinkIT developed a Hiring Managers Portal with which IPG can today realize its entire hiring process from one central application.

    Goal: Streamlining processes to manage them from one central application
    How: Trough an analysis of the desired solution, a total solution was formulated and implemented
    Diensten: Blueprint and integration

    The challenge
    The challenge

    At IPG HR, job vacancies come in in an unstructured manner, often without basic information. Depending on the profile, the various vacancies must be distributed to specific suppliers, according to ever-changing allocation keys.

    According to SLA agreements, these suppliers, including IPG Recruitment, had to fill in time slots for interviews with valid candidates and provide CV, candidate report and text results. There was no fixed structure in the communication, so that all parties lacked an overview and clarity.

    The result
    The result

    We were looking for a solution that gave the hiring manager an overview of the status of his own vacancies and that of his department. With one central hiring portal, the entire process from requesting the vacancy to assessing candidates had to be centralized. Mail traffic also had to disappear.

    Based on a thorough analysis of the processes to-be, we developed a total solution – including RPO / Vendor Management. The entire recruitment process was included in this:

    • The HR manager can initiate a vacancy via a hiring manager portal. The specific turnaround times, allocation keys among the suppliers and SLA agreements were included.
    • When creating the vacancy, the hiring manager specifies timeslots for the interviews to take place.
    • Vacancies are sent to the suppliers in question according to the allocation key and per function type.
    • The various suppliers, including internal recruitment, can in turn schedule candidates, providing their motivation and all the desired documents.
    • The hiring manager can approve or reject proposed candidates from the portal and motivate this.

    IPG HR maintains control of the status of the various current assignments from the central ATS system, always and everywhere.


    “The HR knowledge of the HRlinkIT experts is undeniably a plus in developing a business driven solution, so that we have not fallen into a purely IT project.”

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    Time to get started.

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