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    The Innovation scan is the starting point of a successful digital business for recruitment agencies.

    More productivity and efficiency is achieved by making the right choices at the right time. What those choices are depends on your processes and organization.

    Digital first

    How can you increase the digital experience of your customers and candidates?

    Increase ROI

    Optimize your recruitment process, detect bottlenecks and increase ROI.

    Smart with technology

    Do more with your existing or new software and use data smartly

    Thoughtful digitization with a digital coach
    Thoughtful digitization with a digital coach

    Want to innovate as a recruitment agency and increase ROI? As a digital coach, we analyze the recruitment processes of the candidate, client and recruiter. We determine where technology can be deployed for maximum efficiency.

    1. Neutral digital sparring partners with expertise on recruitment technology and innovation.
    2. Get insight into your current process, opportunities and bottlenecks.
    3. Choose with certainty the right approach and technology to digitize.
    The innovation journey
    The innovation journey

    1. Intake meeting

    To get a better handle on your current situation, we will schedule an intake meeting with you to gauge where your goals lie and in what aspect of the recruitment process you want elements to be more efficient.

    2. Process definition

    We review, analyze and thoroughly define your business processes with the various stakeholders in your organization.

    3. Bottleneck analysis

    Then we analyze and map your bottlenecks, so that it becomes clear which (sub)processes and actions in your recruitment process are suboptimal or blocking.

    4. Solution design

    Then our solution architects work with all the analyses and information to create a concrete action plan and roadmap that meets your objectives and increases your ROI.

    5. Roadmap

    Finally, we present the findings and insights of our experts in a roadmap. This roadmap gives you a clear overview of the ‘next steps’ and how to improve time to hire and cost per hire.

    Outcome? A concrete plan of action.
    Outcome? A concrete plan of action.
    Time investment

    The innovation scan has an average turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks to start your digitization as soon as possible.

    For whom?

    The scan is ideal for medium to large HR service providers and recruitment agencies that want to focus on efficiency, automation and the digital customer and candidate experience.